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Each Nutrition consultation is individually catered to what each client would like to achieve during the process of seeking out nutritional and health and wellness support to make the changes necessary to improve their health.

Consultations are currently only available online (via Zoom).


During an initial consultation, we will extensively explore your case and symptoms, holistically investigating the root cause by assessing each body system, current and past health, review any past pathology, family health history, as well as your current dietary intake. This assists in determining all the factors that could be contributing to your current health.

We will also determine if there are any referrals required for further investigations to support your treatment, either obtained through the support of your GP or through functional medicine lab work that I can send a referral for.

An initial treatment plan will be provided with dietary and lifestyle suggestions, and any nutritional medicine supplementation if they are seen as necessary in supporting health goals or condition, along with any handouts to assist you in starting your new health journey.

After completing comprehensive research into your case details, a long-term treatment plan will be devised and provided during your return consult within 1-2 weeks of your initial consultation.

This service is for new clients, with consultations held via online call.

Cost: $120 per consultation


This consultation assists in determining your progression and results after you've commenced your initial treatment plan suggestions and supplement support (if included in initial treatment). It also allows an opportunity to see if any changes need to be made and further strategies utilised, as well provides time for any questioned to be discussed and clarified, and ensure you're learning throughout this health journey.

Return consultations may include;

A dietary analysis of any diet diary records that were asked to be provided though the Easy Diet Diary app - allowing for insight into any potential nutrient deficiencies of excesses that could be impacting on health.

An individualised one-week meal plan including shopping lists and recipes, taking into consideration current health condition as well as any known food allergies and intolerances.

Analysis of any pathology/testing results (if requested during Initial Consultation).

Comprehensive and adjusted treatment plan to provide continued support and success for your health journey.

Any further prescription of nutritional supplementation/compounding (if required).

Continuing consultations are recommended for ongoing understanding and support to ensure success of achieving optimal wellbeing and achievement of health goals.

Cost: $70 per consultation

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