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Corporate Health Workshops & Yoga



Nutrition workshops that can be tailored to the health goals and interests of the organisation.

Workplaces and organisations can help to support their staff and team members, as anyone can understand, happy, healthy and motivated employees that feel appreciated attend work more regularly and have more willingness to do their job. A Nutrition and Health based workshop can include:

- Healthy & simple meal and snack ideas.

- Practical tips on how to get the most out of your food and meal prep.

- Provide support in understanding how stress impacts on the body.

- Simple and practical lifestyle suggestions that can easily be implemented into daily life and support making those initial changes for health and wellbeing.

- A 45-60 minute yoga class at the beginning or end of workshop (optional).

Health and Nutrition workshops can be tailored to the group of staff being provided the workshop who might all be of similar age and gender, for example, a department solely made up of women all within the same age group who specifically would like health and nutrition advice that is relevant to them and providing meal and lifestyle suggestions that support them.


Whilst many corporate work places have gyms available to their employees, gym or workout sessions may not be for everyone or offer the same stress relief that it might for one person, yet not another.

Weekly yoga sessions offered during lunch time hours (1-2pm) are a great alternative for those who are perhaps seeking something that more effectively taps into their parasympathetic system; reducing stress and encouraging mindfulness whilst also stretching the body and supporting optimal posture which can in turn provide greater 

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