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Hi, I'm Jaime

BHSc in Nutritional & Dietetic Medicine and Certified Yoga Instructor

I've always had a special interest with wanting to support my body and health concerns I've had throughout my life as natural as possible. However, as with many, I thought recommendations made by a GP were well considered and beneficial to my health and what I wanted from my body, such as taking antibiotics to then being on the pill to try and help with skin issues most teens and those in their early 20s go through. Of course to only then have my skin completely breakout with pimples once I stopped taking any of that. All of which could have been helped and supported naturally through making tweaks to my diet at the time, increasing beneficial nutrients to support skin health, detoxification pathways and improve hormonal balance.

When I first went to a yoga class in my early 20s, I wasn't too sure what to make of it. But then I went to a few BodyBalance classes which combines yoga with a bit of Tai Chi and Pilates, and started practicing yoga at home. It was around this time I started considering the idea of perhaps going to a Yoga Teacher Training. A year or so later, I lost one of my nephews when he was only 4 years old, and decided to go ahead with this plan and pursue that goal. I spent 2 months in India, taking up the opportunity to do a 10 day Vipassana Meditation course before starting with my 200 hour YTT in Rishikesh, travelling and sight seeing the rest of the time, whilst making friends with many people from across the world, many that I still keep in touch with now.

After returning to Australia, I decided to move to the sunshine state of Queensland to be with family, such as my Mum and two of my three older sisters. It wasn't long after moving here that the we lost my 18 month old niece, and sister to the nephew I had lost only weeks before she was born, both having sadly passed from the same health condition - Pulmonary Hypertension.

I was luckily given a yoga teacher position at a nearby yoga studio to where I was living with my Mum, which also had Morning Vipassana Meditation sessions. This significantly helped me through this time of grief. The reason behind wanting to be a yoga instructor in the first place being that I wanted to help others feel better and live a better life, knowing it had helped me through such times when I was feeling low and down. It was during this time that I was also struggling with my skin issues and wanting to repair gut issues I had been having too, unfortunately I brought some parasitic friends home from India with me, and wanted to learn more about how to fix my health issues naturally, using Food as Medicine. This is when I started my journey to become a Clinical Nutritionist.

Throughout my Clinical Nutrition & Dietetic Medicine degree, I've come to learn that there are many health issues and experiences, such as my own, as well as many disease states that can be supported naturally with the right help and recommendations. My goal is still the same as it was when I became a yoga instructor, to help others feel better and live a happy life, so I am excited to be able to share my knowledge and help to support those wanting to see those changes in their life.

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Why "Simple Health"?

In my eyes, health and nutrition shouldn't be something that is found to be difficult, challenging or unenjoyable. It should be SIMPLE. Sometimes the journey to health and wellbeing can be long and can take time, as this depends on the depth and severity of a health issue, but I want to help make this journey as simple and achievable so you can reach your health goals.

I believe it is also important to understand that no health journey is the same. We are all unique individuals, and our bodies are all different. Therefore, each approach to improving ones health is varied and adapted to how you live life. As a Nutritionist, I work with each person as an individual, educating on the benefits of incorporating whole foods within the diet and lifestyle practices to help reconnect you to that spark within.

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